What I’m Wearing: Primavera

primavera zahrah perry

The word “Primavera” when translated from Italian simply means, “spring”. With “prima” being “before” and vera, “real”. Thus, “before real” summer commences.

Primavera is here and I couldn’t pass the chance to take a few photos in my street, as the entire road is covered in the sweetest smelling blossoms. As I have watched the seasons change, I have seen the transformation of my barren street flourish, wearing it’s very own designer purple coat.

Whilst we still have the odd chilly day, I find myself finally exposing my toes to the sunlight which is quiet a lovely change! But enough about the weather, I’m sure you are wondering what I have been up to?

Recently I have returned from Athens, Greece! That alone is another post, yet I was surprising disappointed with my childhood dream once we visited the ancient Gods. What else? I may have mentioned my trip to Amsterdam before that however, I can’t remember. MMM…Ahh, yes! My Dane flew across the World to take me on a much-needed date. It was his first time in Roma, so it was lovely to have him here and show him around my adopted city.

I have some wonderfully exciting news I will be revealing on Friday, but for now, here’s a few outfit photos of me wearing a recent purchase.

In my previous posts I spoke about the “lack” of clothing I now own, which still stands. In its own right, my style has evolved into simple, comfortable outfits which are easy to move in, wear between seasons and dress up or down. I love buying flowing dresses; not only do they suit almost every body shape, but they can easily hide a food baby and be worn in summer or layered in winter.

When I packed for my move here, I brought a majority of simple A-line dresses and only 3 pairs of jeans (Black, blue and grey).  The dresses served my through winter and now heading into summer.  Okay, so what I’m trying to say… dresses for the win! They offer comfort, enough flexibility for me to do my cheerleader kicks and still look glamorous while schmoozing at dinner.

What I’m wearing:

Dress: H&M 

Leather Bag: Lasse’s Mum (She makes them by hand :o )

Shoes: Mr Price 




by Zahrah Perry

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