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Working at Saatchi and saatchi Synergize

Dear internet

I sit here typing you this from my new office, I say new office as I started a new job….what? Wait…new job? Yes, I have started a new job again, except, it’s not because I couldn’t keep my previous job, I was merely offered the opportunity to well, move to Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize (OMGAAAAAAAAARD). No wait, I’m not going to be humble for a moment…


I was hunted and offered a place at an award-winning international advertising agency; an agency which many dream of belonging to, one which will shut-up those who insinuate that the joys of my life are provided by my man or submitted to defeat and had become a wet blanket case; Believe it or not, some men actually enjoy the company of women who are independent choose to pave their own road maps. That’s not to say they don’t like spoiling them (Well they bloody well better considering that I am an exemplary wifey who cooks, cleans and tends to every need…jokes, but no seriously).

So while you sit there and criticise how shit I am or my “brand has fallen”, take a look; hard work and talent does get you places- You can either sit and watch on social media how those around you go places or you can take yourself and go your own way!

That being said, the transition was something unforeseen for me. After my arrival back home I started at a wonderful agency which I love- my team were fantastic and I was great at what I was doing. However, I felt little to no challenge; I felt as if my career growth was limited and that I was not exposed to enough skills development.


I guess, part of growing your career comes with taking risks and these unforeseen chances- I guess this is why when I was contacted by the MD of Saatchi to join their digital department, I didn’t waste time, I didn’t hesitate for a moment- many a time I had driven on the highway and seen the agency which I thought I would not be good enough to be apart of, I even had a boss at one stage who thought I was not cut out for advertising,  but here I sit today, surrounded by some of the most innovative minds…here I am!  I am part of this team as the newest international account executive and my work will reach 35 countries around the World.

Age Does Not Deny Talent

I am 23, I am the youngest on the team once again, I am here to learn as much as possible and I am here to continue on the journey of being the best edition of myself possible.

What I will say; when you start to enjoy your job, you seem not only to put more time into the role, but the extra time serves as the output which translates to results. People, but more specifically, potential and current employers notice these results and well, anything is possible…

I mean, here I am because of my own inquisitiveness towards all things digital and yearning to make my mark in the world of marketing and advertising.




by Zahrah Perry

8 thoughts on “RAW: My New Job #Saatchi&Saatchi

  1. Faatimah says:

    Well done Zahrah! All the best with the new job.
    Hard work definitely does pay off. A good post and Good inspiration for us all! Love love love all the strong women!

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