RAW: How I Lost 10kg

how I lost 10kgs

Good morning yall, So for the first time this morning I was curious to jump on the scale an check out my body weight…big surprise!

Over the last few weeks I decided to avoid the scale purely on the notion that muscle weighs more than fat and my aim was to decrease my overall body fat while building muscle. I am certainly not looking to become skinny. I want to be strong, curvy with thick, toned up thighs and an ass that YG would perhaps rap about.

But, back to the scale, in late December, I had hit my highest body weight. I was a not so cool 68kgs and gaining rapidly. I thought I was monitoring my weight, food and everything in between, but obviously, not.

So after deciding to get my shit together, minimize eating out at restaurants, those late nights ending in 4 am Mc Donalds meals and practicing consistent discipline, I began to notice changes. At first, I was frustrated. I was barely losing weight and I was training like an animal, eating like I fell out of a fitness magazine, but still, nothing. I was however becoming stronger. Crossfit does this to you-You can feel that you are building muscle while your endurance and strength skyrockets, but my body shape still wasn’t desirably changing.

Keeping as mentally strong as I could, I decided that I needed to change things up a bit. I love crossfit, I think that it has changed my life, attitude and outlook on my body’s capabilities; In perspective, when I started I could barely lift an empty bar above my head let alone my then unimaginable, current deadlift PB of 112.5kgs.  It truly has done so much for my confidence and I have fallen in love with it as a competitive sport. However, I would be lying if I sat here typing away, acknowledging crossfit solely responsible for my weight-loss.

While continuing crossfit, I took up high intensive cardio training, running. I have always been a runner, naturally athletic, completing two half marathons and a variety of shorter distances. After months of majority weight training, my body has literally started incinerating fat rapidly with the help of the increased cardio. Without the muscle development from the weight training, I would never have lost the weight. Ladies, cardio is not enough. Sometimes you need to get down, “ass to grass” style with weights that look scary or better yet, bigger than your head.

The second part of the process is of course the diet. This is my little list of what I cut out and added to  my diet.

– No refined sugars. Sugar should come from natural sources ie. fruit (in moderation)

– Switch normal peanut butter for the no sugar/ no salt option. Black Cat has a really nice inexpensive option, but I do enjoy OhMega, with added Omega 3.

– No refined carbs- Goodbye white bread, pasta. I prefer to get my carbs from my vegetables i.e broccoli, sweet potato.

– Drink water all day, every day. You may pee like a pregnant lady, but deal with it.

– Chuck the salt! You do not need salt. Most foods have sufficient natural salts already. We love to salt everything, just stop it, I’ll pinch you, never mind the salt!

– Goodbye dairy…No yogurts, milk etc…Leave those yummy cheeses for your occasional wine tasting summer days. Not eating dairy has become a personal preference. I like my coffee black, and have learnt to control my deep, inner cheesy cravings.

– Eat small meals frequently and never go hungry. Remember, Athletes do not exercise and diet, we train and eat! In my next post I will provide you with my typical day of food- what I found what works for me and how I stay full as I am a serial snacker.


I supplement my diet with 100% whey protein after training or if I feel hungry. I also take my GNC supplements- metabolism boosting vitamins and thermagenics when I train. I have also added some other helpful products which I will chat about at a later stage.

So what do I weigh currently? I am a healthy 60kgs. My body fat has decreased and my muscle mass has increased. They journey has been shitty but super rewarding and I am now well on my way to my best body ever!

I continue to discover things about my body every day; whether it is at my new job, in the gym or with the people I surround myself with, falling in love with the process is just as important as falling in love with yourself.

But just a sweet note for all you assholes who openly called me fat last year; don’t hate on self motivating people, because this fatty will out run, squat, clean you over her shoulder and chuck you in the bin now haha #kudos

Keep working and be patient. Continue living, shaking your ass with your girls, doing normal activities, but take time for yourself, just you!



by Zahrah Perry

13 thoughts on “RAW: How I Lost 10kg

  1. Nicole Dirks says:

    I love this article. I’m literally in the beginning stages of where you were and it’s really interesting to see your journey! I will def try all your tips and take your advice

  2. Shannon says:

    Congrats Zah! Lai and I are on the same journey too. Girls are so afraid of cross-fit, weights, but actually it’s the best thing!! The diet is my hardest part- haven’t been able to cut out the dairy, still on the to do list.

  3. Nicole Henriques says:

    Thank you for being so open about your journey and especially crossfit. I recently started following your instagram feed and saw how great you are doing and thought to myself, if you can do it so can I :-) I joined Diep River Crossfit 3 weeks ago and I am amazed at how much stronger I have become. I laughed when you said that, ” you could hardly lift an empty bar above your head…” I felt like that too and then last night I was doing front squats with weights on the bar.

    I am looking forward to following this series and especially finding out what you eat on a daily basis.

    You ROCK! Thanks for being real.

    Love and blessings, Nicole

  4. PlausiblePaws says:

    LOVED this post!! Thank you for your honestly and real-ness! This post was motivating and made me realize that we all go through the same stuff, even though with weight-loss it usually feels like you’re on your own. Congratulations on the weight loss girl!!

  5. Nas says:

    This is honestly the worst fitness advice I’ve ever read. Stick to your profession. No food groups should ever be eliminated in a healthy diet. Maybe you should do some research before writing such sh*t

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