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It’s Sunday at home and once again we draw close to a weekend which seems to zoom past.

I’m sat on the couch, tuned into ETV; goodness, I don’t remember the last time I’ve watched T.V! After this weekend, I just want to keesh out on this couch with my blanket and eat things I shouldn’t be eating but here I am, house planning.

House planning? We moved into our new home on Friday and so the “spending money on shit you don’t need to make your home look cool” commences. Yep, you know you’re adulting when you’re buying place mats, linens and choosing which colour scheme of cushions you’re going to match to your new “bleeker beige” couch (I think I’m going for black, silver and greys).

For those of you who moan about the cost of living but still live at home or mummy and dad has bought you and your partner a house as a “wedding gift”, shhh your mouth for 2 mins and be grateful you don’t have expenses which are pretty shitty and which could be used on stuff like, oh, I don’t know… travel (No thanks, I don’t want to pay R400 for a bloody plastic trash can and neither do you!) All the same, I guess this is nest-building and we will all go through it at some point. Whether it be in your fancy new city loft, or matchbox studio apartment, the cool part is when you watch your once empty space, fill and become a home…your home.

Our apartment is a little modern pad overlooking the city and Table Mountain which is quite the change from our previous wooden loft styled place in the middle of prime Hipsterville….Let’s not forget the multiple leaks flooding the place which certainly won’t be missed.

Along with a new place, I finally got a new pet…Okay, so it’s not a fluffy Mr. Lloyd, but Sam, the Beta fish is pretty cute and seemingly has made friends with Lasse’s other fish friends. However, in true asshole form, Sam has now started hunting the shrimp family’s eggs. (Yes, only I would choose the fish who pisses all the other fish off).

Moving along, my new job has been quite the adventure! It’s been just over 2 months at my new company and I’m doing well. I go to work in a great mood, I have great clients and most importantly, I work with a cool team of people. After all, I spend the largest part of my day and at times, evenings with these people so it’s a bonus to be able to genuinely enjoy my colleagues company. My job is quite hands-on and requires a distinct level of management- crazy as at one stage I couldn’t think to manage myself, never mind multiple staff members at once.

Each day I’m learning something new whether it be increasing my patience, honing my work ethic and perhaps learning how to control my pitiful inappropriate outbursts of laughter when I’m in awkward social situations.

But what about me? How am I? Honestly, I haven’t had a real moment to take a step sideways and evaluate myself since living my previous life in Pizzaville, which now seems like a bit of a dream. I haven’t been able to write and not writing means I’m not acknowledging or relieving stress.

I think that is something we need to be mindful of; we all need a stress-relief, whether it’s exercise, music, dance or a particular hobby, don’t forget to indulge in something you really love spending time on!

Here’s to our happiness and our new home as we fly through the next half of 2016.



Ps. Enjoy our photos from our most recent trip in June back to Lasse’s “Home Sweet Home”, Denmark!

by Zahrah Perry

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