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Surprise! I’m back home in Cape Town!

So, the months have passed and so I say a tearful “ciao bella” to my Italian home and hello to a new adventure!

Roma has been something of a dream; a true combination of hard work and an experience I know will reoccur at some point further in my life. The experience has left me in wanderlust, yet taught me that the beauty of travel is knowing when to move on. This comes down to realising your responsibility of “adulting” and wanting progression wherever it may be in the world. Without progression we are nothing- in someways, yes, life had become fantastic and the grass was greener on that side! It was filled with friendship, adventures and enjoyment beyond what I could imagine, when I decided to hop on that plane and embark on a solo journey into the unknown.

The unknown soon becomes known; you begin to know the bus numbers like the back of your hand, you’re giving tourists directions and your eating at the same restaurants weekly. It is at this time when you re-evalute the purpose you ventured initially. And well, here I am. I am “home home” not because I failed or didn’t have a pleasant experience; I am home because I want a new challenge and have changed within my personal and career capacity over the last months

I started a new, exciting job today which was partially a reason I, “vacated the premises” and ventured back. On the other hand, I have challenged myself withstanding a long distance relationship which has been no walk in the park, yet here we are, happily together.

I have also become wiser in terms of my career goals; time away has allowed me to reboot, affirm my strengths, what I’m shit at and acknowledge what I want to pursue. The move is a huge career step for me and doing this is a sign that not only am I growing up, but I am staying consistent with my choice to be an independent, progressive woman.

I stress to you, there is no better time to realise your potential when you are completely alone in a foreign environment. You learn to budget, depend on none but “you” and “make it work”. Making it work happens when your experience becomes hard, lonely and all you have is yourself to figure out which are the right choices to make. That is truly when you learn your undiscovered individual potential.

Talking about “hard” in this reflective piece strikes a nerve as yes, my experience looks wonderful and enviable on social media, but behind it went much personal decision making in order to make it happen. No one told me to move to Italy, no one told me to attain my qualification as a teacher while I was there, no one told me to make friends, learn the language and certainly to return back to South Africa. I can proudly say, “I did it” and that it was all me. My expenses, my thrilling travel experiences around the world came down to me making it happen because I wanted it too!

I will miss Roma dearly. It become my safe place away from the complications surrounding my home. However, the challenge of stepping out of your safe place once in a while is what makes this life thrilling.

Ciao Italia; Carlo Menta, Mucca, ruins, good coffee and crazy Italians will be missed-ย Hello Cape Town! Lets give you another go and see where the world takes us from here.



by Zahrah Perry

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  1. Zahgra says:

    Hey I’m a stay at home mom who loves reading your posts and viewing ur pics. Im actually mailing you hoping you could advise me on something ? Hope to hear from you.

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