RAW: 24 and Onwards

zahrah perry

It’s that time of year where I check in…

I’m 24 now, it was my birthday recently and this year I didn’t blog on my birthday, but here I am, over a month late, reflecting.

It’s almost the end of the year and what a year I’ve had! I’ve decided to write a list of 23 highlights to remind myself of what I did during my year of 23.

My year being 23….
1. I stopped writing publicly…. but I’ll be back next year (winky face)
2. I fell deeper in love with the man I met early last year.
3. I moved countries… and the man I met chased me around the world for a year, arriving on crutches in Italy to bring me back to South Africa…If that’s not love…then I don’t know.
4. I moved in with the man and “I”, soon became “We”.
5. I learnt a new language.
6. I became a qualifed Callan teacher.
7. I changed jobs twice and started my own business.
8. I learnt that my body is beautiful and started to give zero fucks walking around naked at home or wearing a full tummy-exposing bikini on the beach.
9. I completed my 4th half marathon alongside a mentor, colleague and new friend.
10. I met the blonde to my brunette…the girl who I convinced to move continents and sleep next to me with her incredibly scruffy elephant teddy because we couldn’t afford to go on Safari to see real ones.
11. I adventured across countries with this blonde and will have memories to last us a lifetime…See you in the Toon next year ;)
12. I stopped living on/for social media and just started living.
13. I stopped weighing myslef…I haven’t stood on a scale in over a year.
14. I stopped wearing make-up in the last few months because I am beautiful with or without it.
15. I stopped wearing a bra…They’re uncomfortable.
16. I finished paying all of my outstanding university debt.
17. I started asking my mum for all her old cooking recipes I took for granted…I now phone her regularly for advice while stood frazzled in the middle of the super market.
19. I have found joy on my yoga mat and couch alike..napping on either is also optional.
20. I quit social smoking…I haven’t touched a cigarette in over 6 months now.
21. I realised I am still not 100% comfortable being alone.
22. I think I’m generally a kinder, sensitive..a better person…However, I don’t think my shitty sarcastic sense of humour is going anywhere though.
23. I turned 23 surrounded by my favourite people, celebrating; I found joy in my so-called “lesbian floral pants”, lopsided birthday cake, my pet fish, old friends, new friends and no shoes…naturally.

So that’s my year of 23. One of the most epic years and chapter of self-discovery. I can’t begin to share the experiences flashing through my mind…a bit like one of those ¬†childrens slide viewers we would click and a story would appear. Well my slide viewer feels like I am clicking uncontrollably and I am not stopping any time soon. So onwards with the story…here’s to 24.





by Zahrah Perry

2 thoughts on “RAW: 24 and Onwards

  1. natalie says:

    I love this! Im also not 100% comfortable being alone lol and i think im going to do this aswell, mine will be 32 points long and 3 months late…

    Ps.Miss your blogging, cant wait for you to start again!

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