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Ameen Harron

Ameen Harron is one of the most exciting musical minds of his generation. His life-long fascination with music has pushed him to acquire knowledge and skills in a multitude of fields within the broad spectrum of musical accomplishments. Ameen has a very broad grasp on the many variations of music. At the tender age of 12, Ameen developed an interest in the turntables but was reluctant to limit himself within a single genre. Being a DJ allowed him to explore his expansive thirst for all things musical. The turntables stood as the introductory phase to his acquisition of skills and sharpened his ability to break down music into all its respective fundamentals. His DJ-ing became more than just playing the music of others. Ameen began to dabble with various musical genres such as punk rock, hip hop and an assortment of electronic musical elements of his preference; thereby creating and crafting a unique sound to call his own. Just two years later, at 14 years of age, Ameen began experimenting with music production on his PC. To his delight he found his niche, beyond the skills as a DJ, in the art of musical creation. Ameen has a sensational ability for intercepting the various elements that constitute musical composition. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, drums, bass, percussion and flute) and has also been formally trained as a sound engineer. While he is still a young man, Ameen has built up an impressive body of work, having produced hit tracks on several projects by some of South Africa’s premium artists. He has featured as a producer on an international collaborative album project which brought together artists from Italy, Slovakia, Holland, Germany, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and is currently working with veteran South African artists, Jimmy Nevis, AKA, Proverb, Danny K, Lakota Silva, Locnville, Jax Panik , HHP to name a few. Being the livewire that Ameen is, satisfaction from being the producer everybody wants to work with, is simply not enough. Ameen has an upcoming album of his own, due to drop within the first quarter of 2015, after a long wait off his first solo single’s major success “Peter Parker Swag”. Ameen Harron has become a force to be reckoned with in the South African music industry, having garnered attention and respect for his work as a producer. Adding to his résumé, he is currently in the process of launching a new label, in which he assures an interesting variety of artists to set new standards to African music. With much anticipation for his upcoming album, and interest from artists around Africa and soon Europe, at this point the only possible direction for this exciting young man is up.

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by Zahrah Perry

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