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Meal prep has become a huge part of my fat loss and muscle gain journey. My schedule is tight to say the least, which leaves me little time to prepare meals besides weekends.

To give you an idea of my day, I wake up at 5 AM, eat breakfast which is usually black coffee, 3 egg whites, one yolk, tomatoes, and half an avocado. I then rush to either to my 6 AM CrossFit class at CrossFit District Six or hit the gym for an early morning run. Following this, I am in the office by 7.30 AM, answering emails and starting the day’s admin.

When lunch time comes, I have either the option of wasting money on half-assed Chinese food or something bready, which I obviously don’t eat. Instead I now use Sundays to prep the week’s food. I have different meal options, but like to keep it simple with only one meal option per week. I have gotten pretty used to eating the same thing every day and to be honest it no longer bothers me, as I have come to terms that I am fueling my body to be able to supplement my strenuous training.

Meal prep option one is what I like to call “bodybuilder food”. It simply compromises of chicken breasts, broccoli and sweet potato. This combination takes less than an hour to prepare as I pop the chicken in the oven, broccoli in the steamer or pop and the sweet potatoes go in the microwave.

Chicken– Prep your baking tray, lining it with foil and olive oil. Place chicken breasts on the tray and season with your choice of spices. I prefer the low sodium option, so I use cayenne pepper, a chicken spice and my favourite, seeded mustard paste. It takes about 10-15 min to cook through but keep checking it as you want to keep your chicken tender and juicy.

Broccoli– I use frozen broccoli which I measure using a cup (Each meal should have one cup of broccoli). I place the broccoli in a pot with a small amount of water, allowing it to steam and retain its nutrients.

Sweet potato– Place 3 large sweet potatoes in the microwave on high at 20-25 min. I like to cut them up and create a little bit of a mash with cinnamon powder.

When everything is cooked up, line up those containers. Place one chicken breast in each, one cup of broccoli and one cup of sweet potato. Seal your containers and place in the deep freeze, leaving out one container to eat fresh the next day.

Every evening after work, I head to workout number two which is either cardio, or yoga when I come home, I take out my frozen meal, place in my sink and in the morning it would have deforested, ready for me to take to work and heat up in the microwave.

Check out next week’s meal prep option two!



by Zahrah Perry

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