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dash restuarant review

In Cape Town, we are blessed to have some of the most spectacular food spots. Whether it be our local watering hole after work, hidden mountain gems or seaside spectacles, Cape Town seems hardly short of incredible cuisine. My latest find, a fine dining restaurant left me with nothing less than an excellent food baby and the urge to “dash” for a second evening of Dash Restaurant.

After hearing plenty of raving reviews from fellow bloggers, I was curious and super excited when Dash Restaurant asked my partner and I to join them.

My partner and I were spoiled with a 3 course meal accompanied by beautiful live music which almost got shot of my table manners- you know the rule, no singing at the dinner table! However, when John Legend starts swooning in a romantic ambience and a rather “dashing” accompanying partner, one simply cannot help but quietly start mumbling the lyrics while chewing on a perfectly cooked fillet.

Ahh yes, the good stuff, the food! Not often am I disappointed within myself- This girl is not shy to eat and my hips totally agree (hashtag Shakira Shakira). I say disappointed as I struggled to get through the 3 course meal, despite wanting to devour every morsel…Let’s just say the portions are more than generous.

The menu was something else! The meals served to us became a feast to the eye as rather a presentation instead of merely, a served plate. Each element on the plate was carefully placed and it is not often I can say the pictures of restaurant food replicate into the final product they deliver from the kitchen.

Following my experience at Dash, I was asked by friends and family my thoughts Besides running a little late as we got lost trying to find the place, I have no complaints. I had a fantastic meal, wonderful ambience and was thoroughly impressed by the amount of care and flavours in each dish.

I highly recommend the fillet! When it comes to my meat, I prefer it prepared medium to rare, which not many restaurants manage correctly. Lets just say my meat was cooked to perfection and the vegetables served alongside were crunchy, flavourful and not over cooked which seemingly always happens.


Food : 4/5  Delicious!

Portion size: Generous 

Pricing: Medium to High (300 pp min without beverages) 

Value for money: 4/5 Considering the portion size, pricing and ambience, Dash Restaurant wins in value for money and complete diner experience. I honestly felt, well received from the time I arrived, through my meal and on departure. Often when one thinks of fine dining, we miss the small things- having your coat taken by the hostess, chef specialties, the variety of meals for both vegetarians and meat eaters and the time in which the food arrives at perfect eating temperature. 

Ambience: Perfect for a date or anniversary but be sure to make a booking prior to arrival.

Dress: Leave your flip flops at home and make an effort please. There are few places us ladies can wear a nice dress and high heels without looking ridiculous, so do make an effort. Guys, your dusty dress shirt is more than welcome to come out and okay, we’ll let you wear jeans only if you leave the Converse under your bed. 

For more information or to make a reservation at Dash Restaurant call

+27 21 418 1475

Twitter: @DashRestaurant
Twitter: @NewmarkHotels

by Zahrah Perry

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