Fitness: Jessica Alba’s CrossFit Workout


When I talk about crossfit, the response I receive particularly from women, is the aspect of intimidation- The idea of crossfit being this crazy sport of hulk-like women, throwing weights and half dying during physical activity send many ladies packing.

With that in mind, I adore Jessica Alba; her style and simplicity for living life identifies a certain admirable humbleness, lacking in celeb culture. When I found out she and many other celebs owe their bodies to crossfit, I was pretty excited and went on the hunt for her work-out.

Jessica’s trainer Yumi shares her 10 minute high intensity workout, which can be performed at any fitness level without equipment in the comfort of your home.

Give it a shot and perhaps you’ll be joining me at my next crossfit class.



CrossFit Celebrities

*Video courtesy of PopSugar

by Zahrah Perry

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