Event: Mr Price Street Party #RTDENIM

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Okay, so secretly I get super excited when a Mr Price invitation lands in my inbox. Why? Bless those creative souls in the marketing and events department, they know exactly how to excite the wolves, and by wolves I mean the media.

We always have these long conversations about the quality of the event, the food, the people etc and often don’t communicate how average something really was in order to save face with a brand. Mr Price on the other hand has once again managed to stuff marshmallows in each of our mouths, with little room to even murmur “chubby bunny”.

Media from around the country gathered in the city of Jozi for a denim affair cool enough to have the street civilians creep out of their local watering holes eagerly queuing for the strictly invite only (AKA cool kids) street party located in trendy, downtown Braamfontein.

RT Denim provided us with an impeccable adult playground- filled with delicious food stands which I was clearly reminded by a guest, “Perry that isn’t Paleo” as I ordered a large helping of fries and a gourmet burger while eyeing Paul’s Homemade Ice-cream and the waffle stand. Despite looking like spastic cross-eyed alien all evening I manged to make out that Paul happens to be extremely cute- bring yourself and that ice-cream to Cape Town sir (insert winky face here).

When I wasn’t eating, I was eating…Jokes- I was shopping in their awesome pop-up store, breaking it down with the DJ or standing in front of a fashion illustrator who drew me better than Jack’s infamous Titanic portrait.

Armed with my new portrait, a full tummy and the urge to paint the town unicorn rainbows, my plus one and I headed back to the hotel ready to disco-disco Jozi style for the weekend!

A huge thanks to Mr P for accommodating us, ya’ll never disappoint!



by Zahrah Perry

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