Event: Ford Fusion Launch

Ford Fusion Launch

Armed with a Ford Fusion and my outback partner in crime, East Coast radio’s Dj Deon Govender, we set off from Cape Town International Airport along the beautiful Western Cape’s Spice Route.

Believe it or not it was my first time driving an automatic car….what? Yep, I drive manual and driving an automatic was like a dream. Jee whizz, I am no car expert, but driving an automatic is such a treat (why did no one tell me this?) Imagine driving an automatic in the traffic? No clutch control or annoying gear changes.

Anyway, returning to the actual event I’m suppose to be writing about- The Ford Fusion road trip was pretty rad! Deon and I…well mainly I, scoffed complimentary Mentos and compared each other’s designer sunnies, while hopelessly trying to figure out how on Earth to use the navigator and the radio. Okay, so at some point we finally got the radio working, which synced to Deon’s phone- being a DJ, I would expect some electronic music to pop up, but no, we pumped Hillsong jams (giggles to self…no offense to Hillsong).

Like a group of hungry grizzly bears, we arrived at the gorgeous Spice Route restaurant, enjoyed a yummy lunch under the shade and off we set back to the CBD to our home for the night, 15 on Orange.

I forgot to mention, my other half was on this outback journey with me, Trev. Like in true fashion, we rolled into our hotel room, freshly ironed shirts, a few selfies and headed down to an intimate banquet dinner with the Ford team.

I had such an awesome experience rolling around in the Fusion-  with its smart technology (apparently it knew I needed coffee), impressive safety features and it’s sleek aesthetic, it totally beats driving my sad 1.2L car any day.



by Zahrah Perry

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