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Bodily hair is not in the least bit attractive, especially for a female. From puberty, we become obsessive with the removal of hair; enduring painful waxing sessions, shaving, lasering and all the other “ing-ings” out there. I’ve always been a “shaver”; happily purchasing those packs of budget razors with the aloe vera strip, the 5 extra free razors and my brothers shaving gel for a smooth finish. Waxing was never something I was introduced to until hearing my “hairy” Indian girlfriends chat about waxing appointments for their upper-lip, legs, bikini, underarms and even to my disbelief, the actual arm at a popular salon in Crawford.

I’m quite lucky in respect, that I am not a hairy human at all. The hairs on my legs are blonde which really helps if I am too lazy to shave. As for Winter, I’m not too fussy about the legs; most of the time they are under a tracksuit or pair of jeans which I deal with once a week or every week and a half if I am in the mood (My hair also grows extremely slowly so you can proceed to close your shocked mouth). However, now that we enter summer, all of us sadly say goodbye to the safety of trousers; god forbid someone, let alone a man sees our crop of Winter’s hibernated hair. Time to harvest those legs ladies!

Why am I rambling on about body hair? Well, despite never putting emphasis on this topic, I thought I would share my new secret to hair removal. I was very lucky to be introduced to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light treatment) with the Legs Eleven Salon. I was quite concerned as I am a rather shy person when it comes to my body, which is another reason why I cannot imagine doing the “spread eagle” to get rid of any hair in any of “those” places. Legs Eleven were kind enough to invite me to come on board the Journey to Smooth, where each of us chose a desired body part to rid of hair permanently.

I chose my underarms as they seem to be the fastest growing and the darkest hair on my body. I went for my patch test consultation, where my friendly therapist, Tiana explained the 8 sessions and how IPL works. We then proceeded to test a small part of skin on my armpit to ensure that my body did not react negatively to the treatment. My armpits passed the test and a few days later, I returned for my first full session. Each session takes about 10 minutes in total, which is perfect for my busy lifestyle.

I have completed my second session and already I see a noticeable difference in the growth of the hair. It appears to be thinner and delayed in growth by 2 days. I am also able to shave during the treatment which is much better than having to wait for your next “wax sesh” as my girlfriends put it.

How do the 8 treatments work?

Patch test consultation
1. First treatment, waiting one month until the second treatment.
2. Second treatment. waiting 2 months until the third treatment.
3. Third treatment, waiting 3 months until the fourth treatment and so forth, until the eighth treatment.

With the large waits in between treatment sessions, you are also able to budget accordingly, without feeling pressure to have cash for your next treatment shortly after. This brings me to the question on all of your glossed lips, price? Each session costs R380 per area (underarms are together). It may seem pricey, but if you purchase one less pair of shoes each month, you could have no more hair to deal with! Imagine no waxing or shaving ever again!

Legs Eleven is based on 65 Greenpoint main road, City Bowl. For more information, contact them on 0861 324 752 or visit them at


by Zahrah Perry

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