Beauty: How to Beat Chronic Eczema

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Eczema has always been a personal challenge for me, which I have struggled to keep under control from childhood.

I have chronic eczema around my mouth area (corners of my lips) and chin. To most, it remains unnoticable, besides the light difference in shading around this area.

My eczema story

Growing up, many of my baby pictures were tainted with patchy red areas on my face, which my mum managed with baby oil baths to keep it hydrated. For many years it lay dorment until I reached puberty- I was in year seven, just celebrating my 13th birthday and we were saying goodbye to junior school, where I noticed my skin deteriorating and a scab forming on my chin. In order not to destroy any cutey-pie photos, I turned my face to hide the scabbed side of my face…In fairness, I now believe this is where I discovered my “good side”, which little did I know would become helpful for all the Selfies I would be taking in my twenties.

Throughout high school I remedied my eczema with aqueous cream, cortisones which thinned my skin out, pricey SBR cream (R345), Zambuk (worked for a while), Vasaline, Bio oil and pretty much every product deemed to relieve and treat eczema on the market

Nothing permanently helped, which is where I learnt, I was one of the few people who did not ”out grow” their childhood eczema and it was here to stay through my adult life.

It wasn’t until about two and a half years ago, where I found my “cure”. I was hostessing at an Elizabeth Arden media day- you know, the time before I was invited as a guest to these things (cue Drake’s Started from the Bottom). Each of the guests left with these incredible goodie bags, where we were lucky to each receive when the guests cleared out. Inside the box of cosmetic goodies was a tube of 8 hour cream. It was the first time I was introduced to the product and decided to try it out on my eczema. To my surprise, it soothed my dry, itchy skin immediately.

I still use my 8 hour cream. If you know me personally, it is the one thing you will see me with constantly. I don’t go anywhere without my tube, whether I’m climbing up Lion’s Head, in the airplane, train, shopping, dinner or just casually hanging out by the pool. The 8 hour cream has not only hydrated the skin, but has increased the skins elasticity.

In fairness it is not a cure, but rather the only product I have found that maintains a healthy skin on my eczema, dry nails, chapped lips and even a quick way to neaten my eyebrows on those untamed days.

Retailing at around R180 for a large tube, it lasts me months. Thus, considering that I use it every day it’s value for money it is inconparible to the products I have previously used. It’s multi-purpse usage has definitely become a winner for me and a product I am not sure I would manage without.

Do you suffer from eczema? I would love to hear what products or home remedies you are using.



P.S This post was not sponsored by Elizabeth Arden. They genuinely produce a miracle product, which I highly recommed to anyone struggling with dry skin or eczema.

by Zahrah Perry

2 thoughts on “Beauty: How to Beat Chronic Eczema

  1. Talya says:

    I’ve also had eczema for years too, little patches on my legs or arms – whilst creams help fix the symptoms they really don’t fix the root of the problem, when I cut out dairy/everything with lactose/whey etc my eczema & asthma disappear in a matter of weeks & if I have a tiny bit of dairy they both reappear fast. You should try cut it out for a month & see if you notice any results, if not add it back in xxx

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