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RAW: Home Sweet Home

It’s Sunday at home and once again we draw close to a weekend which seems to zoom past. I’m sat on the couch, tuned into ETV; goodness, I don’t remember the last time I’ve watched T.V! After this weekend, I just want to keesh out on this couch with my blanket and eat things I […]

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RAW: Baby I’m Back

Surprise! I’m back home in Cape Town! So, the months have passed and so I say a tearful “ciao bella” to my Italian home and hello to a new adventure! Roma has been something of a dream; a true combination of hard work and an experience I know will reoccur at some point further in […]

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What I'm wearing

What I’m Wearing: Primavera

The word “Primavera” when translated from Italian simply means, “spring”. With “prima” being “before” and vera, “real”. Thus, “before real” summer commences. Primavera is here and I couldn’t pass the chance to take a few photos in my street, as the entire road is covered in the sweetest smelling blossoms. As I have watched the […]