RAW: I am 25


I am sat at my desk working on a new project… It’s the 4th of December and I am trying to recover from a 14 day, 12 hour work week. I am listening to Claptone, “No Eyes”….A song which resonates when all I could think of was partying, alcohol and running around in my denim shorts and bikini top, all while trying to hold down a marketing 9-5pm position….I was fired btw.

Then again, I still run around in denim shorts, however this time, I am running around in the a situation which I’ve always wanted to be in but never thought I may reach…

I am fucking 25 now and I’ve been writing this RAW birthday blog for 6 years now. I haven’t blogged in about a year, but play an insignificant role on social media which is now purely for my personal documentation. I am also two weeks delayed to write this…I take this as a sign of the work schedule I now have.

Soooooo….what have I been doing for the last year?

So lets shoot back to circa 2015. You know that time I kind’ve fucked out and just fucked my online reputation in the ass because I stopped caring what people thought and shafted social norms? Well now that I look back, I’m not sorry it happened…and it was probably the best thing to happen to me. It was the final straw in realising who I want to be and who I am becoming…I am certainly not a blogger…But I will always enjoy writing a diary entry.

In that time, I left to “find myself”…I actually ate myself into a human pizza in Italy.

I also fell in love with someone I barely knew…actually I fell in love with someone else first,  someone completely different to Lasse and had to let that shit go, because, well no one deserves to be second best choice and you can’t live on the whim, “Lets meet when we are 30″…He is currently seeing someone.

Well anyway, Lasse came along, encouraged me when I was at my worst and I do owe much of my current situation to his support an influence. I would not have my own company today if he was not in my corner every day while I was recovering from  my rough patch…I still suffer from chronic anxiety and it’s okay.

So, 2017….What a year man. I left Saatchi & Saatchi in 2016 for a massive senior PM position and salary jump..I quickly became part of the 1% and it allowed me to raise capital to properly start my own company. So, armed with capital, I finally registered my own agency, “Namava”; All the years working as a promo girl till 3am, co-ordinating, account managing and networking through my old blogging reputation was channelled into my own agency.

At first I started my agency while working my full-time job with one client on the side. I then reached out to Panache Communications and became their supplier…Thank you Katie Scott for giving me the opportunity and believing in my venture…10 months later, I cannot believe where we are today and where we are heading.

It’s summer and I barely have a moment to myself and I am conceptualising and producing projects I wouldn’t have thought possible; I have staff presence in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town, an assistant now (WTF), one of my best friends works for me and between myself and Katie, we have grown a fully functioning team who assists us in realisng our clients dreams/demands (haha)…And well, we are hiring another account manager..she arrives in a week so I’m super stoked as to what 2018 has in store for us,

I have recovered my reputation (I think…well clearly) and I am so proud of the work I have done this year and the projects I have executed.  And yes mum, I have done all this without a university degree! Despite what an odd-ball your daughter is, she has your ethic of hard work and would never allow her situation dictate the direction of her success. I hope you are proud when you see what I am doing.

Other than work, I kept my promise with Sarah (that very cute English girl I met in Italy) and we travelled together for 3 weeks in Thailand and well as we keep travelling around the world to see each other…And as I am a sucker for keeping promises, I may have booked my ticket back to London next year…It’s been a while…I guess it is time to head back to my country of birth (See the fam and Sar)

So here I am on a Monday night, in my very own office, watching the lights flicker of the CBD and writing after a long time. Do forgive me, it’s probably not grammatically correct, and who cares, it’s not as if I make a living from this anymore…It’s just a Perry Book entry, exactly what it has always suppose to be.

So everyone…. it’s good to check in once in awhile…and well, here’s to 25. Here’s to my 2017….Time to sign off…I need to work more tonight because London is kak expensive.


PERRY ..AKA…. Trish ;)


by Zahrah Perry

4 thoughts on “RAW: I am 25

  1. Micarla Justine says:

    Well done Zarah, I’ve been following you for a good couple of years now and wow congratulations on your achievements. Truly an inspiring read and inspiring young lady you are! So Who gives a F*** about the bumps along the way because at the end of the day it is what makes one stronger and achieve mother f****ing Goals! All the best with your future ventures. Your already rocking your 25year old girl boss self. Xx

  2. Pier says:

    Zah, you’re a rock solid and super talented young lady! One that I am grateful to have met and; even through stressful and trying projects, one that is the best “wing man” and organizer tobmake things happen. And not just “happen” – TRULY happen and rock in every way!
    Thank you for everything! And keep up the blogging – yet another strength of yours that should not go untapped.

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