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zahrah perry

Hello there…So I haven’t done this in awhile..I’m on a BIG blogging break (surprise). I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start again this month as soon as I feel like opening my laptop and sharing.

Ever since my move, my new obsession has become privacy and taking time to enjoy my life around me…Actually, just being able to do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, on my own terms- the ability to be free from surrounding ignorance or the perpetual obligation to be “seen” at every event has completely faded away…I am no longer afraid to be myself. Believe me, I am still very connected to the “industry” and its people, as a few are friends of mine, the fine few who beyond their Sunglass Hut shades and Mac foundation are part of my small “Real AF” friendship circle.

Sure, I know that I can’t just stop blogging…I mean, I love writing, I still have a brand (I think), or whatever is left of it but I know I undeniably treat it like an unstable teenager with immense growing pains. With that, I have always said, where would the honesty exist to my readers if my blog was merely a cash cow, churning out campaigns on behalf of brands I would never be able to own or afford unless the brand hadn’t sent me a freebie gift to flash about on social media in the first place (insert scrunched up face here). Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun receiving pretty things and never having to actually spend money on shopping, but after living with the same simple closet for almost 5 months now, you realise a thing or two of the real value of your possessions.

Hell, I ain’t going to become no monk and start tripsing around in an orange robe, but simplifying life has been a journey on its own. Exchanging “things” for simplicity has got me feeling a bit sick- thinking of the entire room back in SA, filled with roughly 150 pairs of shoes, rails and boxes filled with clothes that I don’t really need in comparison to the items I have now of which, I could probably list in about 10 lines for you. The lingering question though… am I happy? Yes, having less hasn’t changed the value I place on myself, but rather educated me in terms of what I will choose to spend my money on and who I spend my time with in the future.

So what am I doing now that blogging is halted? Well, I’m a teacher and it is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done. From this experience, there is nothing quiet like bestowing knowledge on someone else…I now understand the passion behind my fantastic teachers I have had through my life. Hmmm, besides spending my days teaching, I often find myself getting lost on the bus, perfecting my imperfect Italian, having 3 hour dinners with my friends which often end up in impromptu dance and karaoke situations while walking past some historical, ancient ruin at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I have also pondered about the direction of my blog- I arrived back from Bali just after New Years and over my two-week holiday, I had plenty of time to think about what I want to do with it. I think I’m currently not blogging as I feel my blog is aesthetically ugly and not somewhere worth documenting my thoughts at this time. However, going forward, I still believe a blog should be a personal extension of yourself, and well, that’s what it will be. When I’m ready it will be a visually pleasing, safe haven for me to express myself and if you don’t like it, you can jog on (insert sarcastic smiley face and unicorn poop emoji).

That being said, I need to go shower and start my day looking less like a homeless person (see references below) and more like a functioning human of society instead of rambling on about my lush life as a modern gypsy.

Note to self? I will choose to be 20-something and debt free, I will always chose leather over pleather, travel often, fall in love only once and stay passionate about sharing knowledge…

Next stop? Well, we’re off to Athens…May the adventure continue.



PS. Bali travels will be up when TPB looks pretty again…oh shit and happy 2016, I almost forgot!

by Zahrah Perry

7 thoughts on “RAW: Ciao Blogging

  1. Afika Lulo says:

    This is exactly how I’ve been feeling about my blog, which after almost 4 years, is still in its fledgling phase. This was great to read and has taken the pressure off me to “sell” a certain lifestyle to my few readers. 😊😊

  2. Harshada says:

    You just uplifted my mood. Had the most rotten experience of a burglary yesterday and amongst getting things back into place I came across this…:) thank you immensely and safe travels!

  3. Janine says:

    Always look forward to your blogposts, whether its 5 months away or a week!! One thing that I will admire about you, is that you live a life on your own terms.. Keep doing what you do best which is YOU <3.

  4. Jaine says:

    Someone needs to show this to other mainstream bloggers. Not going to mention names, in the interest of potential conflict but honestly?! You can’t be promoting a different face product every odd week, what the actual fuck do you use? How do we even trust you and your references, knowing that you’re just doing it for the money??
    Sorry mainstream bloggers, you’re not appealing to the South African audience, who may i mention, is predominantly middle class. Zahrah wins here. Go and live your new life boo boo. Do you. 😄 and all the best!

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